24 Flowers of Enlightenment PROFILES

24 Flowers of Enlightenment

By: Camilla Blossom

Avalanche Lily Erythronium montanum
I embody the divine feminine

I was lead to go to Larch Mt on a rainy and foggy day in Spring. I was thrilled to see hundreds of Avalanche Lilies blooming in the forest, but they were so soggy with rain that they couldn’t open fully. I sat with them and began to cry. I cried deeply into my very Soul. These lilies cracked open my heart to the wounds I felt in my pure, sensitive, spiritual Soul. Wounds I held because I am a woman: feeling less worthy, feeling impure about the expression of my sexuality, and what my body has experienced. Wounds I carried forward in my blood from my grandmother’s bodies—women who were not given permission to truly be themselves.

Somehow, the white lily heard my deep cry for healing. I felt cleansed and purified after I shed my tears. My heart vulnerability was a blessing and allowed the old to flow out with the rain. This flower has been a goddess-send for women who are ready to flow to the next level of their co-creative spiritual journey into greater love, compassion, and grace. Avalanche Lily helps birth new archetypes of womanhood. Lilies bring joyful celebration!

The white lilies help us breakdown old structures within, releasing old patterns for women including the hiding of their beauty and sensitivity. The lilies allow gentle grace. White flower act as doorways to spiritual and angelic forces and open us to our empathic abilities.

Keywords: Women’s worth, sexuality, abuse, reproductive trauma, compassion, feelings of impurity, guilt, shame, female soul wounding, self esteem, permission to be a woman, divine feminine, energetic sensitivity, creativity, connection to spiritual and angelic forces, 2nd chakra issues.

Wild Lilies:
The Divine Feminine Awakening Soul
As soul medicine for our emotions, gentle lilies address issues of the feminine and women’s worth: creativity, rebirth, purity, beauty, spiritual sensitivity, sexuality, motherhood, grounding (embodiment), receptivity, compassion, and love. Lilies open men to their feminine nature.

Years ago the lilies started whispering to me. First I heard,
“Lilies give women permission to be women.”

Years later the Tiger Lily talked to me. It was no whisper! It was a loud, clear call to action:
“It is time for women to embrace their creative power. Women have been enablers. CREATE!!!”

More recently as I was exploring my essential innocence and feminine spirit, the white lilies captivated me. The purity and sensitivity of the white flowers seemed to speak deeply to my own essence and remind me of who I really am—as a woman, a creator, and a pure spirit. I made a flower essence formula with many of the white lilies. I listened to the angelic-like devas of the white lilies. They were offered women a portal to a gentler, more loving, and compassionate way of being. The very high frequencies of the white lilies nudge out dated belief structures. Imagine a white lily growing out of the top of a stone pyramid as it starts to crumble and fall.

White is the color of pure spiritual light and of our connection to the divine source whether we call it God, Goddess, Great Spirit, The Creator, Love, or the Source. White contains all colors as One. Lilies softly awaken our gentle feminine energies giving them permission to emerge. This gentle, softness is so desperately needed on Earth right now to balance the imbalanced masculine models.

Flower essences made from White Lilies addresses incompatibility with the status quo, experience of and integration with the Goddess to invoke understanding, embracing of angelic forces, attunement with deep Earth energies, a call to a new gentle power that is joyful, an honoring of the cyclical nature of things, a deep rootedness in TRUTH, and a more forgiving approach to our own soul wounding.

Danu, the Fairy Queen appeared as I made flower essences of the White Bead Lily and Lily of The Valley (the wild one) at Larch Mt. in Oregon. She appeared to be very angelic—large white and Easter Lily looking—white robe and pink colors within her shining form.

Danu spoke…

“There is a coming Evolution Revolution.”
“The white lilies help us break through old structures created by humans to serve the “old” Gods—or beliefs.”
“All the lilies bring joyful celebration and the energy of compassion.”
“The white ones create doorways to spirit and angelic forces.”
“Energy transferred for womankind. No need to understand us so much as open to our energies and allow us to love you.” (I felt strong tingling in my whole body as the Danu spoke!)
“Angelic forces are at work. Bring your energy frequencies with ours and let your old structures die. Die to the old ways. A new way is calling. A more loving, compassionate, free reign.”
“There is a Blossoming Revolution happening within each one of us who have answered the CALL.”
The flowers are keys to the survival of the species as they open the way for the coming changes —the unfolding of paradise.

Ball-head Waterleaf Hydrophyllum capitatum var. thompsonii
I open to the flow of life

When we are in our heads too much, there is less trust in or a discounting of our spiritual connection. Ball-head Waterleaf starts as a compact green ball at the end of a stem but as it blooms it radiates beautiful lavender-colored florets to shape a new expanded head. The leaves offer a watery flow that brings more balance to those thinking times. It moves congested head energy from over-thinking and opens our connection to the higher spiritual energies accessed through an open crown chakra. This allows greater trust and therefore releasing of the need to feel in control.

Ball-head Waterleaf grows abundantly in the Spring in Oak Woodlands and also along the stairs in the City of Hood River providing stair walkers and runners with good medicine.

Keywords: Mental balance, confidence, clear-headed, open to inspiration, release need to control, opens crown chakra, trust in divine, 7th chakra issues.

Balsamroot Balsamorhiza sagittata
I grow into my full potential

Called ‘the Sunflower of the Gorge,’ these flowers hold strong and balanced masculine energy for radiating our confident self as we grow into our full maturity. Balsamroots grow to be 60 years of age, a true wise flower elder. I was walking by a balsamroot at Tom McCall preserve in Oregon when I heard it whisper, “Shiva.” Shiva was Shakti’s male counterpart, the archetypal masculine. Shiva is Lord of Creation and represents the masculine creative energy—dynamic expression and knowledge.

Some parts of us may experience “arrested development”. Balsamroot can help those parts ‘grow up’ so we can reach our full potential. Most men need 3rd chakra support as this is the male power center. (Women’s power center is the 2nd chakra) It can also teach men, women, and children to honor and accept the aging process or the different life passages we go through. Balsamroot helps us grow up and mature.

Keywords: Self potential, confidence, high esteem, maturity, empowered sense of self, acceptance of aging and new stages of life, solar strength, the masculine principle, 3rd chakra issues.

Barrett’s Penstemon Penstemon barrettiae
I know I can fly

Barrett’s Penstemon grows in bunches on the basalt cliffs of the Columbia River Gorge and nowhere else in the world. They are a stunning and beautiful pinkish-purple color that joyfully enlightens the landscape of the dry desert landscape. Pure joy seems to resonate from these flowers. The fairies wanted you to come along and play. Step off the cliff and fly!

This flower empowers you to surrender to the resonance of joy. It enhances your ability to respond and align with freedom. I have used this flower essence with great success for those who are prepared to move forward but something energetically still holds them back. Standing perched on the edge of a cliff, they were ready to fly but resist. A few drops of Barrett’s Penstemon are often all they need to let go… and trust.

Keywords: Letting go, allowing, empowerment, holding back, deserving issues, taking responsibility for creating your own happiness, overwhelm.

Bleeding Heart Dicentra formosa
I cleanse my heart with love

The Bleeding Heart looks just like a pink heart with a drop of blood flowing out of it as if someone designed this flower specifically for heartbreak. The compassionate Bleeding Heart flower gives you the strength to end relationships, let go, and move on. It cleanses your heart chakra with compassion, releasing the past and helping you move into the present. By releasing our energetic “cords” or attachments to others, we free ourselves to love spaciously and unconditionally. We are happy when others are happy too, whatever their choices may be.

Joanne was very attached to her anger, resentment, and the hurt in her heart. She was very resistant to trying flower essences, but when she took Bleeding Heart it changed her life! She tried to hold on to her old feelings again, but she said she just couldn’t. They were gone. When we forgive others, we heal ourselves.

Keywords: Cleanses the heart, relationships, release the past including resentment, betrayal, release attachments, divorce, separation, compassion, forgiveness, move into the present, 4th chakra issues.

California Poppy Eschscholzia californica
I love myself; I value myself

The most striking feature of this flower is it bright orange shiny color. It’s very attracting to the eyes and brightens up any dull feelings with its magical sheen. It likes to dazzle in the rays of the Sun Gods helping us open to the Source and awaken our physic gifts in a balanced way. You may even see fairies! At night, the petals of the California Poppy close up.

The California Poppy flower essence gave me a sense of really treasuring myself—like I was very precious. Of course this can extend to how we appreciate others as well. When something appreciates, like a home, it builds value. We can feel our value grow through self-appreciation. When we value and love ourselves, we own our magnificence and we overflow with the desire to share and appreciate others. There’s no need to project our value onto others—teachers, gurus, friends. We can experience our own divinity.

Keywords: Self-worth and value, self-image, self-appreciation, self-love, awaken divinity within, harness physic gifts, broaden outlook, open to unlimited possibilities, prosperity, harmonize relations, develop relationships with fairy realm, 6th chakra issues.

Camas Camassia quamash
I am open to everything, attached to nothing.

Camas helps you get in the right frame of mind. Its serene purplish/blue color often blankets whole meadows in the spring. Camas provides a model of energy mastery by balancing polarized energies like emotional peaks and valleys and dissimilar qualities, for example left and right brain. It helps you build more trust in your knowing and objectivity for a calmer unified presence.

The wildflower Camas is a sacred plant to the native tribes of the Northwest. Camas bulbs are eaten every spring. Camas can slow us down to a more natural and sacred speed of life.

The flower essence of Camas balances the two hemispheres of the brain. Camas activates under-active parts of our brain and the corpus collosum that connects right and left-brain that open and ease emotional flow. A balanced brain makes for a balanced human because of the full integration of dissimilar parts—intuitive/rational, being/doing, and feminine/masculine aspects.

Keywords: Clear obstacles and negativity, reprogram old thought patterns, unattached witness, brain hemisphere balancing, re-connect neural pathways, mind balancing, non-attachment, acceptance, 6th chakra issues.

Cut-leaf Penstemon Penstemon richardsonii var. richardsonii
I strengthen my belief in myself

Cut-leaf Penstemon helps you strengthen your belief in yourself so you can act upon your dreams. It shows you how to connect with your internal fire or inner drive so you can channel your creative energy and express your passions.

Self doubt or lack of belief in the self can paralyze you. Cut-leaf Penstemon can help you move out of the powerless role into one who is empowered to gather their inner strength and step deeper into life.

Keywords: Belief in self, certainty, clear doubt, limiting beliefs, builds inner strength.

Everywhere you go
You leave a trail of beauty
In your wake

Glacier Lily Erythronium grandiflorum
I am blessed and protected always

Lily-type people can be very protective of themselves because of their sensitivity. They may even hide their beauty. The Glacier Lily can really help these sensitive and beautiful souls come out and dance and learn to trust in love and the motivation of others. Glacier Lily helps you receive love into your back heart chakra. Our inner glaciers seem to melt with the sun’s warming yellow rays. Yellow brings us more confidence to be empowered by love.

The Glacier Lilies seem to bloom with such abandon like it is safe, here, now. Despite there somewhat frail appearance, and the strong winds in The Gorge, their petals open wide and curl back up. Yet they are focused intently on their presence on the earth. They seem to suggest a beautiful freedom of expression when our true self comes out to play.

“… gaining more self-trust and trust of the universe and doing a better job hooking up with my inner guidance . . . and due to some childhood “stuff,” trusting people to be there for me, as well as knowing who to trust. Sometimes, as I’m sure you know, when you “see through” people’s motivations, it’s hard to trust or connect with anyone.” DH

Keywords: Open expression of true self, intimacy, trusting in love, owning your beauty, harnessing your power, questioning other’s motives, safety, and sensitivity, back of 4th chakra issues.

Heart-leaf Buckwheat Eriogonum compositum var. compositum
I am comfortable with change

Change, change, and more change. Buckwheat eases change, resistance, inertia.

The Buckwheat Devas told me that they could provide, “comfort food for the light body”. When you consider that “food” for the nervous system is light and flowers carry frequencies of light, then it makes sense that we can nourish our subtle energy system or “light body” with frequencies from flowers. Buckwheat brings comfort and nourishment to the core of our being and helps us support and sustain ourselves through change.

Heart-leaf Buckwheat is an important ingredient in a number of my formulas including Back to Center.

Keywords: Resistance to change, encourage greater adaptability, capacity to change, comfort in change, inertia or resistance, stuck in old behaviors or patterns.

Larkspur Delphinium nuttallianum
I speak with my heart

A beautiful winged bluish/purple wildflower, larkspur is a flower linked with all forms of expression. Delphinium flowers (which means ‘dolphin’) love to communicate! On one of my wildflower walks, a woman was a bit shocked to “hear” the larkspur flower speak to her: “paint me!” it said. On another walk, someone heard the word “freedom.”

I’ve always loved how a larkspur bud looks like a musical note ready to dance in the sky. I feel draw to tone and make sounds when I am with the flower. I want to sing songs of my heart and follow where it wants to lead me… and not be held back by others. Speaking our truth is like that. We can’t be bothered by what others think or do. We must lead our own way. Use the flower essence to inspire these qualities and open new paths of communication.

Keywords: Freedom of expression, opens new ways to communicate, listening, speaking, sound healing, music, truth, leading with the heart, songs, 5th chakra issues.

Leidberg’s Stonecrop Sedum leibergii
I celebrate life

This bright yellow sedum humbly grows out of the rocks near the Columbia River. Its stem is a beautiful peachy-coral color. Leidberg’s Stonecrop flower helps you shine the light on your shadow or the places that are denied or hidden within. When we expose our shadows to the light, we can accept all as it is without judgment.

Keywords: Acceptance, shadow, judgment, celebrate rites of passage, and pyhsco-symatic illness.

Ocean Spray Holodiscus discolor
I am guided by synchronicity

Overflowing with an abundance of white blossoms, Ocean Spray grows by the moist ocean as well as inland. This flower helps you sense—become more aware of synchronistic occurrences or coincidences of everyday life. It helps you connect to the natural flow of energy and information that is available to guide you if you listen.

Ocean Spray gets energy flowing in and out of the 2nd chakra—women’s power center and place of abundance, pleasure, sexuality, and creativity. This chakra loves the flowing energy of water, the movement that cleanses and refreshes and moves congestion.

“I’m working on moving forward with my new career adventure, accepting abundance, and primarily easily connecting with the right resources as well as knowing which of the many forks in the road to take so I use my time well instead of following false leads or spreading my professional efforts too thin.” DH

Keywords: flow of synchronicity, abundance, creativity, sexuality, childbirth, tuning within, 2nd chakra

Oregon Grape Berberis aquifolium
I trust in myself

When making this flower essence it sang the song, “The Great Pretender.” Pretending is like acting. It’s not the truth. Our heart may lead us to being a pretender, acting our way through life instead of being ourselves. It’s a way of protecting ourselves…or distracting ourselves. Flowers don’t pretend. Trees don’t pretend. They are what they are. Present.

Oregon Grapes fragrant bright yellow rounded flowers match the vibrant color of the root bark used for liver/gallbladder medicine. The essence of Oregon Grape works with misconceptions and mistaken beliefs about ourselves that can create negative thinking and defensive behavior. Sometimes we fear vulnerability or that we will be hurt. We may feel overly protective or defended. Our beliefs create further entanglements and continue our patterns. We believe what is not really true. What are the beliefs that hold you back? This flower opens awareness.

Keywords: Trust, pretending, let go of defenses, limiting beliefs, opening to the joy within, distracting ourselves, presence, easily hurt feelings, and protection.

Oregon Oak Quercus garryanna
I am strong in purpose & joy

I was talking about a concern I had about my son, when an acorn fell hard on my head as if the tree had thrown it at me! Bonk! I almost fell to my knees. My friend and I looked at each other in amazement. It was as if the tree was saying: “Stop worrying!” I started taking the flower essence after that and felt a soothing calm sink through my body every time I took it. It was during this time that I was strengthening my commitments and needed to create a more playful approachß. I felt overly responsible. Too much was on my plate. I needed to lighten up and surrender to the joy of the process.

After a few weeks of using Oregon Oak flower essence, I realized I had never seen myself as a very strong person. I recognized the ways I was trying to be too strong. I was taxing my energy by over-working and being too goal-oriented. After I sensed the extent of my true strength, I felt I could relax more. My body began the process of surrendering to more balance.

Keywords: Grounded strength, stronger resolve, instills more discernment and direction, balance strength, true purpose, open to inner meanings, maintain time and space for wellness.

Phantom Orchid Eburophyton austiniae (Cephalanthera austiniae)
I remove all blocks, interference and resistance

The dark forest felt mysteriously intense as we entered. Soon we saw the Phantom Orchids glowing bright white like lanterns in the darkness. They smelled faintly like vanilla. Making the flower essence, I remember my lips felt numb with the energy radiating from this wild orchid. Not as colorful or flamboyant as tropical or florist varieties, the wild orchids may be subtler in appearance but its medicine is not for the timid.

The Phantom Orchid is a master cleanser and purifier and seeker of the truth. I am reminded of the Hermit card in the Tarot—a sacred way-shower. Use it to clear energy and to move obstacles or blocks. The Phantom Orchid lights up what is dark or denied within us. Illusion, what is not real, becomes love.

Once, after taking a few drops I immediately felt as if a murky dark ‘cloud’ was lifted. Another time, I was getting prepared to do an energy healing session with a client. I gave her a few drops of Phantom Orchid and before I even started, she could feel layers of dense energy being clearing off of her. I have often seen the flower addressing the very deepest core for clients. Phantom Orchid is a powerful addition to all flower essence formulas.

Keywords: Activates willingness to see truth, energy purifier, beyond illusion, psychic development, stabilizing and grounding during spiritual work, pain, denial, evolutionary/ascension catalyst, and sexuality.


In ancient times, orchids were an important ingredient in love potions. The word “orchid” comes from the Greek “orchids” meaning testicle. Long a fertility symbol and aphrodisiac, orchids were also associated with abundance and good luck. The orchids are strong and assertive in their actions.

Spending time with the wild orchids, they say: “Dare to express yourself, dare to experience your sexuality, dare to enjoy abundance and pleasure, dare to free your moral conditioning, dare to celebrate your spiritual power.” Not for the timid, orchids lead us to the light within—that part of us we often fear more than our darkness.

Orchids are the most recently evolved flower and are potent activators for our evolutionary process including opening our physic gifts and raising our energy frequencies. Orchids awaken our divine potential as humans. They push us through blocks, catalyze change, and transmute what is denied.

Orchids have also been associated with wealth, greed, and lust. Considering that orchids are the most recently evolved flower it may seem contradictory that orchids bring this out in people. I see this as a natural evolutionary process of being led through our ignorance or unawareness in order to become wise. I feel the orchids are leading us on a journey, clearing our illusions, blind spots, and darkness. They ask us to recognize any restriction or repression of our natural impulses.

As orchids can awaken us to our evolutionary gifts and clear illusion, they ground us in earthly life. They help us release karmic patterns and long-held emotions, and they open us to receptivity and the joys of being human—touch, intimacy, pleasure, sensuality, and eroticism. Orchids balance the masculine and feminine within and bring greater trust so we can surrender. I find them helpful for balancing the Venusian qualities of romanticism versus reality (illusion). They spiritualize our sexuality and can awaken kundalini with a focus on the heart and open us to deeper union with others and ourselves. They also have the ability to entrain our energy towards wholeness and higher understanding (intuition). Orchid flower essences are great for grounding multidimensional Pisces or Neptune people.

Poet’s Shooting Star Dodecatheon poeticum
I am fully present

Poet’s Shooting Star helps you be fully present in every moment. It helps you integrate your spiritual, mental and emotional selves into your physical body. Bringing your focus and full attention into all that you do in every moment. This flower is my son’s favorite. It seems to resonate with children and our inner-child especially if we feel like we are Starseeds or that we came from the stars.

During my first Open House, Cindy approached me and told me she still didn’t feel like she was back from a recent vacation. On the flight, she was hit on the head with a piece of luggage. I gave her a few drops of Poet’s Shooting Star. Immediately, we both felt her presence return to her body. “Now I’m home,” she said.

A client very attuned to working with children and animals came in for a healing session. She tested for Poet’s Shooting Star during the session. Afterward the session, she told me that her friend had written her a poem the day before describing her like a “shooting star.” She was having issues about being more grounded in her body.

Keywords: Belong fully in the moment, full attention to here and now, help cosmic beings accept earthly life.

Pungent Desert Parsley Lomatium grayii
I awaken to my true self

This flower is called Pungent because of its strong smell. I don’t mind it, but some may find it stinky. It blooms in early spring with bright yellow umbrella-like flowers.

Pungent Desert Parsley is a supreme balancer for our aura or subtle energy system. It acts fast to align the energy field and knit and repair auric field damage. I have experienced this with a number of client’s including one whose aura was pulled over to the left side, off-center. Pungent Desert Parsley balanced it quickly and powerfully.

Keywords: auric field repair, energy alignment, supreme balancer.

Red-flowering Currant Ribes sanguineum
I am supported

When I take red-flowering currant, I feel awash with a beautiful calming presence that collects in my very foundation. Sometimes it even feels like a ‘kurplunck’ of energy dropping you into your body. Like a base of support, this flower provides a sense of inner security. Everything is going to be OK. Its sweet pinkish, red flowers fill the woody bush in early spring. As I made the flower essence, I saw a mother placing blossoms in her hand and then tenderly holding them to the small of her baby’s lower back to support her.

Frustration, fear of success, anger, over-irritability can stem from a sense of non-acceptance. Our sense of security comes from within. Use this essence when you need to allow yourself to be supported including finding the will to ask for support. When Dani first decided to take the summer off, her eye started twitching from a sense of stress regarding her decision. Red-flowering Currant shifted her feelings that she was supported in her decision to work less. Her eye relaxed.

“I felt like the pressure was taken off me.” RB
“At this point, I definitely feel “out there on a limb by myself” and don’t yet know how to find (or allow to come to me) the right resources.” DH
“My cat is fearful and irritable and overly sensitive to everything—the environment, food, skin, noise, people, situations.”

Keywords: Motivating, replenishing, feel base of support, root chakra, grounding, sense of security, heart reviving, accept circumstances, energize will, easier on yourself, fear, anxiousness, stress, 1st chakra issues.

The Dalles Mountain Buttercup Ranunculus reconditus
I release the past and nurture myself

Looking deep into our own inner essence, I find what I call the child of awareness. She or he is at our inner core. Our child is full of wonder, delight, and space. Our child expresses who we truly are. She/he tells the truth and doesn’t look to others to see who she/he is. Our child approaches life with absolute acceptance of what is, in joy.

When I was making the buttercup flower essence I could hear the fairies singing, “you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray, you never know dear how much I love you, please don’t take my sunshine away.” Songs are a common way for flowers to communicate. They sing me songs that I know. Flowers have their own songs or tones too. Try listening really carefully and see if you hear their music.

Shiny, sweet yellow buttercups are childhood favorites for many. Buttercups are the flowers we put under our chin to see if yellow appeared on our skin. If it did, we liked butter! These flowers are especially for the innocence and wonder of the child and our inner child. Taking the essence helps our sense of worthiness and happiness return.

Keywords: Childhood self-worth, release shame, blame and pain, rebuilding sense of self, heal inner child, sense of dignity and innocence, positive thoughts, inner joy.

White Bog Orchid Habenaria dilatata (platanthera diatata)
I own my true power

The White Bog Orchid has a strong green stalk full of delicate, angelic-like white flowers that emit a beautiful fragrance. They grow in bogs. The flowers look sweet and angelic, but this essence can be a strong catalyst like many of the wild orchids.

The flower is passionate about the Truth. Find out what is your own truth, your own way. It delights in those who are reaching higher in their spiritual quest. The essence helps you align your energy to accept greater amounts of light. It helps you turn on your connection to angelic and spiritual forces. Wave-like patterns help free fears and help you regenerate your capacity to feel joy.

Keywords: truth, catalyst, activator, angelic alignment, and assist spiritual awakening process, 3rd, 4th, 7th chakras.

White Rose Rosa species
I am awakening spiritually

The only flower essence here that is not a native wildflower, this white rose is very old and has grown wild and neglected for many, many years. The pure white rose is unequaled in its essence. The Deva is like Mother Mary, compassionate, refined, and pure. White holds an untainted spiritual purity—untouched by feelings of shame, guilt, self-blame. This white rose gifts us with spiritual and angelic energies to support our spiritual awakening process. We become more deeply connected with the divine, taking White Rose, including our ability to commune with angels and devas.

Compassion is what we need for ourselves and for each other. Compassion at our complexity and the wounds carried in our cellular bodies from our ancestors. The white rose is a grounding rose for women. It grounds our heart and our yonis allowing them to hold greater amounts of spiritual light. We feel our pure divine essence unblemished by shame. Love and compassion are grounded in the purity of the white rose. We can awaken our passion to live as a human.

Keywords: Love, compassion, heart healing, divine connection, grounded feminine energy, sexual healing, integration of new spiritual and angelic energies into the body, enlightens nervous system, support new patterns in the brain, cranial-sacral alignment, align nervous system, Mother Mary, 4th chakra.

Roses: The Rose of Realization Blooms Inside Our Heart
Roses bring love and compassion to humanity. They bring unconditional love and divine love and connect us with the Source. The highest frequency of any flower, roses intoxicate us with their beauty, colors, scents, and symphony of songs. Love songs, poetry, and the finest perfumes sing with the magic of the rose. Rose is a flower of romance.

Roses can instill passion for life when apathy sets in. They heal our hearts deeply and to the core. Those who have been hurt, battered, betrayed when trying to love need the tender caresses of roses. When are bodies get stuck in resentment, anger, or hurting modes, try roses. Roses are made for humans. They help us incarnate in bodies, integrate new energies arriving to enlighten our bodies as we ascend. Humanity’s number is five—for our five fingers and five toes. Roses have five petals. Their thorns remind us that life carries hurts, snags, tears, but we must accept the thorns as well as the deep, rich beauty of the flowers.

Rose flower essences encourage our hearts to grow and blossom with new ways of love that are unconditional and spacious. Rose helps us stay aligned to integrate new energies coming in all the time. Rose helps us anchor these new energies into our nervous system, our bodies, and our daily live experience.

Roses love Lovers.

Yarrow Achillea millefolium
I am pure & strong

Yarrow is a universal healing ally that grows all over the world. Its creamy white flowers emit a strong bitter scent, and its leaves look like feathers. It can grow anywhere. Yarrow embodies powerful Christ Consciousness—the energy of Love. Yarrow was an important plant during ancient times because of its wound healing properties especially during battles hence the name, achillea. The Achilles heel is the most vulnerable part of a human. The plant was applied directly to wounds to stop the bleeding, protect it from infection, and bring healing to the area.

Energetically, Yarrow heals the wounds and openings in our aura—the protective energy field that surrounds our body, strengthening it. Having a strong and intact aura increases our available energy and creates a strong protective quality that translates to stronger physical immunity as well. Yarrow also promotes the healthy cleansing and detoxifying actions of our energy field and breath.

Keywords: Purification, improve energy circulation, protection for sensitive and vulnerable, wound healing, supports those with empathic or energetic sensitivity, aura strengthening, supports detoxing, clearing and release.

Flower Essences : Open to More Love & Compassion
Explore and play with flower essences as they bring you energetic healing and balance. These beautiful wildflowers are agents of spiritual transformation—opening your awareness and trust. Nature’s balancing frequencies support you as you move through rapid change. Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences help you soften, open, and find more compassion for your personal process. They help you develop mental and emotional balance and offer energetic stabilization and support.

What Are Flower Essences?
Flower essences are an unscented water-based solution that contains the healing chi (life force imprint) of a flower. They can instantly calm, support and stabilize you during crisis or work more gradually as a truly holistic means for achieving long-term emotional and mental balance. Flower essences can also catalyze transformation or needed change.

When Do I Need Flower Essences?
Use when feeling stressed, during change or crisis times, when feeling blocked, to ease emotional process, when injured, making big decisions, wanting to change behaviors, feeling overly sensitive, when over-thinking, experiencing physical issues or disease, feeling depressed or negative, or are expanding spiritually. Flower essences support a healthier perspective and your natural healing process.

Children (and our inner-children) respond very quickly and well to the gentle balancing and calming affects of flower essences. Older children seem to sense how flower essences work without needing any exclamation other than, “add these wildflowers to your bath or water.” They often “know” which flower or formula they need by seeing a photograph, holding a bottle, or asking them. I add drops to water, juice, in bathwater, or a spray for their bedroom or around their body. It’s best to use flower essences 2-3 times a day.

Pets and Animals
Dog and cats and other pets are very responsive to flower essences for balancing and alignment because they are natural and safe. Many humans notice their animal’s behavior changes quickly after using flower essences. Add a few drops to water bowl, food, or apply to gums, ears, paws, or pet into fur. It’s best to use flower essences 2-3 times a day.

Complimentary Therapy: Enhance Healing Treatments
Flower essences are powerful tools when used in conjunction with chiropractic, acupuncture, any energy work or bodywork, counseling, spiritual practices, as well as medical treatments including surgery. The healing process quickens because the flower essences reconnect breaks in the optimal flow of energy within the body. Results from all healing treatments can be greatly improved and integrated into the body more quickly. Taking a few drops of flower essences before, during, and/or after a chiropractic treatment, for example, helps the body “hold” positive adjustments by assisting the nervous system with re-patterning as well as releasing the emotional/mental blocks surrounding the issue.

Singles or Formulas:
Use one flower essence at a time or create your own formulas. To create a formula (or dosage bottle) add 3-4 drops of each flower essence to dropper bottle with 50% distilled or spring water. Top with brandy, glycerin, shiso or apple cider vinegar.

Suggested Use:
Take 3-6 drops under the tongue, in drinking water, bathwater, footbath, or atomizer 2-3 times a day or as needed. Use for 3-6 weeks or as needed. It’s best to take for a longer duration for chronic issues. You can use a pendulum or muscle test for flower essences, number of drops, and duration, or use your intuition.

Through you
Nature becomes aware of itself.
Nature has been waiting for you, as it were, for millions of years.
Eckhart Tolle

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