Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences: Thriving Through Extreme Change


The wildflowers of The Columbia River Gorge are imbued with the knowledge of how to thrive with the dynamics of extreme change. The Gorge was formed from extreme volcanic activity and cataclysmic flooding. These wildflowers hold an untamed, wildness— a specific frequency to ‘remind’ our cells of wellness.

Creation of the Flower Essences

These flower essences are created in a sacred way by opening spiritually to the wildflowers in The Columbia River Gorge with intention to create medicine. Great love flows and communes with the plants and Mother Earth in this co-creation. The powerful Columbia River Gorge energizes and activates the full potential of these flowers as healing agents. No harvesting is necessary to make essences— they are sustainable ‘green’ medicine. Growing wild and free, these wildflowers help you find balance, peace, and recognition of your unique gifts.

Medicine from Gorge Wildflowers

The Columbia River Gorge contains a rich tapestry of healing medicine. The native indigenous wildflowers were calling for medicine to be made in sacred sites of the Columbia River Gorge and by Mt. Hood (W’Yeast), Mt. Adams (P’toe), and Mt. Saint Helens. I can sense the deep sacredness of this land. You can hear the whispering of the flowers.  Tapping into deep reverence of the Earth. These wildflowers offer their gifts to assist people in finding greater balance and compassion—emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Flower essences are created vibrationally so no harvesting is necessary.

Cataclysmic Floods & Volcanos Created The Gorge

Geologically, The Columbia River Gorge was created from extreme volcanic activity combined with cataclysmic flooding due to huge melting and breaking ice dams. The land is relatively young and changeable. The wildflowers and plants that grow here are imbued with the knowledge of how to thrive with the dynamics of extreme change! These flower essences are powerful tools for us to use during this rapidly shifting time on earth.

Sacred Sites, Waterfalls, Rain Forests, & Mountain Peaks

The Columbia River Gorge runs east/west about 100 miles along the mighty Columbia River which separates Washington and Oregon. Volcanic snow-capped mountains, including Mt. Hood, inspire awe through the seasons. World famous winds funnel and dance through the Gorge. There are many powerful places: natural stone arches, unique rock formations, hundreds of waterfalls, alpine meadows. Wildflowers grow everywhere. Elevation ranges from sea level to over 12,000 ft. Climate ranges from rain forests in the west to arid desert grasslands in the east, creating incredible plant diversity. The Columbia River Gorge deepens our relationship with Nature’s beauty and incredible potential.