Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences


Flower essences (flower remedies) are a form of vibrational or energy medicine. Each flower holds a specific healing energy pattern that balances discordant energy patterns.

  • Flower essences release stress. They work by strengthening, repairing, and realigning your electrical energy system or nervous system.
  • Flower essences help you cultivate healthy beliefs & attitudes. They open your awareness and understanding of how your thoughts and beliefs can create stress. Focusing your thoughts in a more positive way is a powerful path to wellness.
  • Flower essences help create emotional balance within. Helping you resolve and release the past. By freeing fears, anxiety, chaos, stress, and wounds, healthy balance is restored.
  • Flower essences offer Soul Therapy. They are grounding and spiritually opening and nurture your soul’s growth. They bring self-worth!

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