Flower Essences: Commonly Asked Questions

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When do I need flower essences?

Flower essences are an unscented water-based solution that contains the healing chi (life force imprint) of a flower. They can instantly calm, support and stabilize you, your children, and your pets during crisis or work more gradually as a truly holistic means for achieving long-term emotional and mental balance. Flower essences can also catalyze transformation or needed change.

When do I need flower essences?

Use when feeling stressed, during change or crisis times, when feeling blocked, to ease emotional process, when injured, making big decisions, wanting to change behaviors, feeling overly sensitive, when over-thinking, experiencing physical issues or disease, feeling depressed or negative, or are expanding spiritually. Flower essences support a healthier perspective and your natural healing process.

What You May Experience

You may not experience any tangible shifts when you begin taking flower essences as change may be gentle and gradual. Some may experience immediate energy shifts or a sense of grounding. You may notice your awareness opening and your ability to change behaviors, patterns, and limited thinking much easier. You may open to deeper healing or release feelings of stress, anxiety or physical problems. Some look back after taking them and notice, “I feel stronger, more trusting, more balanced.” The flower essences can be subtle or a strong catalyst. Keep using them (3-6 weeks). Allow yourself to open and trust in the process of change and growth and the gifts these wildflowers offer. You will notice more and more positive changes as you use flower essences.

How do I take them?

• Take 3-6 drops directly under the tongue.

• Add drops to water or a daily water bottle. Drink throughout the day.

• Add drops to a bath or directly on the skin.

• Add drops to an atomizer filled with distilled water. Mist around your body.

• For animals, add to water bowl, food or apply to fur, scales, feathers.

How often?

Take 2-3 times a day for 3-6 weeks or as needed during crisis. You can never overdose. Take more often if you need grounding or calming during the day. Try One-Minute De-Stressing: take 3 drops, sit quietly, and focus on receiving healing flower energies. Breathe deeply.

Are they safe?

Flower essence are very safe for babies, children, pregnant women, elders, and animals. They will not interfere with meds or birth control pills. Actually they improve the results of other healing modalities. The shelf life is over 11 years if stored away from strong energies like computers and excess heat. Flower essences are often preserved in brandy, to limit alcohol add 3-6 drops to bath, atomizer, or in quart of water.

How do flower essences work?

Flower essences are a form of vibrational or “energy” medicine. Each flower holds a specific healing energy pattern that balances discordant energy patterns.

•Flower essences release stress. They work by strengthening, repairing, and realigning your electrical energy system or nervous system.

•Flower essences help you cultivate healthy beliefs & attitudes. They open your awareness and understanding of how your thoughts and beliefs can create stress. Focusing your thoughts in a more positive way is a powerful path to wellness.

•Flower essences help create emotional balance within by helping you resolve and release the past. By freeing fears and wounds, healthy balance is restored.

•Flower essences are “Soul Therapy.” They are both grounding and spiritually opening and nurture your soul’s growth.

How do I choose the right flower essence to take?

You can choose by reading the descriptions, by meditating, using your intuition, dowsing, or trusting a feeling you have. That is your intuition.

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