Chakra Balancing

What is Your Subtle Energy Anatomy?
To understand how Vibrational Medicine works, including flower essences and many uses of essential oils, you need to understand your subtle energy anatomy. Our bodies are made of beautiful and complex interconnected patterns of energy that flow inside and around our physical bodies. We are composed of a colorful chakra system and an aura which includes many levels or “fields” of energy that surround our body. Each field corresponds with a different chakra and area of experience to learn about—our physical body, emotional self, mental self, spirituality, or connection to all of Creation. We are also connected to the Earth and Heaven through channels of energy that run inside the center of our bodies called the pranic tube or central channel. When we are in balance, our energy flows freely and beautifully.

The Chakra System
Centered up and down our body (front and back) is our chakra system or seven primary energy vortexes that each address a different lesson or theme. When we are balanced and vital, the energy in and out of our chakras flows easily and beautifully. Each corresponding colored layer of our aura is smooth and clear. When we have physical issues, we can see deeper meanings behind what our body is trying to tell us by looking at the location of the disturbance. For example, if we have digestive issues, we can look at the solar plexus chakra and see that we may need to work on self-esteem, power, control, or integrity issues in order to heal. Thyroid issues may be related to expressing our creativity or speaking up for ourselves. Below are chakras and associations:

The Crown Chakra ( 7th)
Pineal gland, Color: Violet, Sound: OM) relates to spiritual connectiveness, knowing, seat of soul, and our higher purpose.

The 3rd Eye Chakra (6th)
Pituitary gland, Color: Indigo. Relates to our intuition, imagination, nervous system interface, goals, perception, and thoughts.

The Throat Chakra (5th)
Thyroid/Parathyroid gland, Color: Blue. Relates to communication, speaking/listening, creative expression, needs, timing, and taking in information, receptivity, inner male.

The Heart Chakra (4th)
Thymus gland, Color: Green. Relates to love, relationships, feelings, the immune system, courage, and compassion.

The Solar Plexus Chakra ( 3rd)
Pancreas, Color: Yellow. The emotional center relates to power, control, self-esteem, beliefs, belonging, and integrity.

The Sacral Chakra (2nd)
Ovaries/Testes, Color: Orange. Relates to trust, sexual energy, sensing, surrender, being vulnerable, creativity, money, and giving/taking.

The Root Chakra (1st)
Kidney/Adrenal gland, Color: Red. Relates to grounding, sexuality, survival, fear, strength, safety, confidence, and physical vitality.

Self-Awareness Brings Healing to Subtle Energy Anatomy
Learning more about your subtle energy anatomy and how you can create more health within is a powerful way to take responsibility for yourself. By using tools (flower essences, essential oils), intention, specific practices, you can heal yourself and gain greater self-awareness. Some say self-awareness is 90% of healing. Awareness can also open a path of self-discovery that guides us to our true purpose and greatest passions.

What are Subtle Energy Blocks?
Fears, traumas, emotions, beliefs, and childhood programming that has not been addressed and released can lead to what is called an “energy block.” These unexpressed or unresolved issues, or energies, become trapped in our cells if we do not work them out and learn what we need to learn. Over time, repressed emotions may resurface to be cleared and healed. It is best to accept all that we experience and allow our feelings to be felt as they arise. If we don’t, the emotions and old patterns can become denser and crystallize in our physical bodies as illness and imbalance.

How Do You Clear, Balance & Align Your Energy?
There are many ways to clear, align, and balance your subtle energy system. Flower essences and aromatherapy can be important tools in helping you shift mental and emotional patterns of imbalance. Flowers and plants hold an organizing intelligence that can rebalance you just as Nature knows how to rebalance itself.

Flowers Essences for Energy Balancing
Flower essences are designed by Nature to energetically align your thoughts and emotions for greater balance and clarity. Each flower’s design encompasses a healthy natural pattern of energy, or frequency, that repairs and re-connects your electrical energy system (nervous system). Your nervous system is where stress, energetic patterns, and your perception reside.


Acceptance Brings Balance-Evolutionary Awakening
Flower essences create balance and alignment within by assisting you in your evolutionary process of learning how to bring polarized opposites into a state of unity. For example, when we hold a judgment that one way is ‘good’ and another is ‘bad’ we create a battle of opposites within. We reject part of ourselves that we consider ‘bad.’ Flower essences help us de-energize this polarized ‘charge’ and return to a state of unity—accepting all that is without judgment. We can learn to value all ways without denying anything. We can embrace everything within us—masculine and feminine, intuition and thought, feeling and reason, nature and man equally.*

Essential Oils for Energy Balancing
Aromatherapy is often used to balance the subtle energy system especially since scent is so powerful and the oils can be misted around the body, on the chakras, or placed in bath water, places that can easily affect our energy flow. Scent has the ability to shift us deeply through our memories, feelings, and perceptions. Essential oils are potent plant medicine with great power to mend holes, tears, leaks, or congestion in our energy field. They can also balance and adjust the flow in and out of our chakras.

True Healing
Because of the high frequency of flower essences, they are among the few remedies that can go directly to the frequencies of the issues as they exist on the emotional, mental, or spiritual levels. The flower essences assist with self-awareness so you can address your specific issues before they move into your physical body. The remedies can move your awareness to the root cause of dis-ease (which is often based on beliefs that do not serve you or caused by trapped emotions) so that true healing can be activated, not just a temporary or symptomatic cure.

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