Sacred Space Spray Mist


Product Description

Clear and Purify

Clear and refresh the air as you create sacred space with high frequency flowers and plants.  Mist your space and/or yourself.  Clear gems, congestion, funky energy, grief, sadness and more.

Use it over the head to clear thought forms.  Clear your office, treatment room or living space with a feather or feather fan to distribute the mist more broadly over a space.  Especially in corners fan up to the light and ask that the room be “grounded” in the Earth.  Ask for assistance from Archange Michael to transmute all to light and love.

You and your space will FFEL great afterwards.  Great quick energy shift..

“It moves things so much faster when I meditate.  I use it whenever I need to grounds quickly.  I’m about to have a baby and am excited to use it during my birth!”- Amy


Additional Information

Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 2 x 2 x 6 in


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