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Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences

Flower essences (flower remedies) are a form of vibrational or energy medicine. Each flower holds a specific healing energy pattern that balances discordant energy patterns. Flower essences release stress. They work by strengthening, repairing, and realigning your electrical energy system or nervous system. Flower essences help you cultivate healthy beliefs & attitudes. They open your awareness […]

Flower Essences: Commonly Asked Questions

When do I need flower essences? Flower essences are an unscented water-based solution that contains the healing chi (life force imprint) of a flower. They can instantly calm, support and stabilize you, your children, and your pets during crisis or work more gradually as a truly holistic means for achieving long-term emotional and mental balance. […]

How to Balance Your Chakras

What is Your Subtle Energy Anatomy? To understand how Vibrational Medicine works, including flower essences and many uses of essential oils, you need to understand your subtle energy anatomy. Our bodies are made of beautiful and complex interconnected patterns of energy that flow inside and around our physical bodies. We are composed of a colorful […]